Justin Kaminuma is a Japanese-American filmmaker whose personal work explores film as a meditative medium through diaristic and experimental techniques, while his commissioned work seeks to apply these processes through a broader collaborative approach. He explores themes of childhood and coming of age with dream-like and nostalgic visuals.



Emory University
B.A Film & Media Studies
Summa Cum Laude

2023 - Dreams of Home - Short Film, Experimental, 4:25
2021 - Moments In Between - Short Film, Experimental, 2:00
   Beyond The Short, Luna Magazine, Retrospective of Jupiter
2020 - Finding Summer - Short Film, Experimental, 2:11
   Vimeo Staff Picks, Booooooom
2018 - Moments of Lonely - Short Film, Experimental, 2:04
   Booooooom, Between YOU&ME (Exhibition)
2017 - To See The Sky Again - Short Film, Experimental, 4:00
   Scout Film Festival, Best Drama Winner

2023 - Snakehips, BIA, Lucky Daye ‘Solitude’ - Music Video
   Director, Editor
2022 - Genevieve Stokes ‘Habits’ - Music Video
  Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist
2022 - Vance Joy ‘In Our Own Sweet Time’ - Album Lyric Videos
   Director, Cinematographer, Editor
2022 - Vance Joy ‘Don’t Fade’ - Lyric Video, Artwork
   Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Designer
2021 - Clubhouse ‘NO WAY!’ - Music Video
   Director, Editor
2021 - Clubhouse ‘Flipside’ - Music Video
   Director, Editor
2021 - Montell Fish ‘Natural High’ - Music Video
   Cinematographer, Editor
2021 - Arden Jones ‘Carsick’ - Music Video
   Director, Cinematographer, Editor
2021 - Flawed Mangoes ‘2AM’ - Music Video, Visualizers, Artworks
   Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Designer
2021 - Phil From Havéa ‘199X’ - Music Video
   Director, Editor 
2020 - Flawed Mangoes ‘Nothing Good Will Come Of This’ - Music Video, Artworks
   Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Designer
2020 - dj poolboi ‘don’t be so hard on yourself’ - Music Video
   Director, Editor
2020 - Fully Bold ‘Life Needs Haircut’ - Music Video, Artworks
   Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Designer
2017 - Shallou ‘All Becomes Okay’ - Music Videos
   Director, Cinematographer, Editor

ICA Boston / Scout Film Festival ‘Artists on the Cusp’


B. 2000