Moments in Between

Moments In Between is a self-portrait of a year's worth of ephemeral moments in my life that
would have otherwise been forgotten.

The film originally began as an act of salvaging shots that didn't quite belong anywhere else.
These moments were buried in folders inside folders. But as these quiet scraps of life revealed
themselves through editing, this diaristic process became a meditative act of self-reflection. As
I enter my last semester of school, and everything feels in flux, the pressures of life begin to emerge.
Taking risks feels scarier, and I'm suddenly feeling the expectations of the "real world" begin to weigh on me.
The rediscovery of these fragmented memories in the process of this film gave me clarity and
calm in between the anxieties of growing up. And through this, I can look back and make more
sense of everything that seemed overwhelming at the time.


Luna Magazine

Justin Kaminuma
Director of Photography
Justin Kaminuma
Justin Kaminuma

B. 2000